September 1, 2010 – 12:15 am

             I had such amazing time in prayer tonight that it could only be described as "holy ecstasy." I don't know what I should say right now, so I'm just going to write as the Spirit dictates. The Lord showed me many things tonight. I felt like I was experiencing Him and getting to know Him in so many ways. I could feel the Spirit inside of me, and it was a great feeling. First, I remember thinking about how glorious and perfect and holy God's truth is. I had a profoundly strong craving for the truth of God. I just wanted the pure and perfect truth of God, with all corruption, deception, worldliness and lukewarmness washed away. I absolutely love God's holy and perfect truth! It is one of the primary things that truly redeemed children of God crave. Once you taste of the sweetness and holiness of God's truth, you will never want anything else besides it. You just want the true God in as perfect a form as you can get. No distractions, no deception, no counterfeits, just God! The holy and righteous Master of the Universe. I long for God and His holiness and His holy truth in absolute purity!

             I could continue to speak about the loveliness of God's truth, but there is much more to talk about. I will probably not remember all of the excellent things that God showed me, unless He so wills, but I will talk about whatever the Spirit brings to mind. I was also craving God's holiness to a profound degree tonight. I felt like there was nothing more excellent and more desirable about God to me than His holiness. Nothing else would satisfy my cravings. I felt like all other things paled in comparison to His holiness. They all melted away like wax. Tongues, prophecy, Christian songs, all of these were sheer foolishness in the absolutely pure and blazing light of the Divine Holiness. How I longed for that holiness! I wanted to be holy just like my God. I wanted to see His holiness and taste of His holiness. I wanted to feel it all around me. I wanted to be immersed in it and completely covered in it.

             After I experienced this, I understood that nobody can bear to be in God's presence unless they are completely holy, as well. I could not bear to be in the Lord's presence if I was left as a miserable sinner. I needed the pure, righteous blood of the Holy One to completely cleanse me and make me perfect in order to be permitted to dwell in His Presence. And I felt like I was holy, I did not feel like a sinner in this sense. I knew that I am unworthy and that I am a miserable sinner, but I also felt like I am completely holy in God's sight because I am in His presence. This was a beautiful feeling, because it was what I craved and longed for. I had such an appetite and craving for God's holiness that I wanted nothing else, except for me to be holy, as well. Glory to God for making His children holy!

             I also understood why the angels cover their faces with their wings. Although I felt like I was made holy by the blood of Christ, I felt like the Piercing Light of the Glory of Christ was too bright for me to look directly at it. I had to cover my face with my arms because the Holy Light was too bright for me. Wow, what a feeling to understand things that occur in heaven!

             Another desire I had was to obey God in all things. I had an amazingly strong desire to do the complete will of God in every aspect of my life. I just wanted to obey God in everything and not stray from that even a millimeter. I don't know exactly why I had this desire, but it was an extremely powerful desire that seemed to adequately accompany who God is and the other things I was experiencing. But it just seemed to fit with everything that was going on, that I should obey God perfectly in everything. Not that I believed this would happen, but that this was my all-consuming desire.

             While experiencing God like this, I had a mighty desire to leave this sinful world and go to be with my God in heaven. I did not want anything to do with the world anymore, but I only wanted my God. I just wanted to be with Him in heaven and get away from this fallen and depraved world with all of its darkness and worldliness. I may have even begged God to come and take me away right now. However, I soon understood that God would be with me wherever I had to go in this world and that my work here is not finished yet. The Lord has more fruit that He wants me to bear first before I depart.

             Somewhat related to this, I felt like I was guaranteed to go to heaven, and I greatly rejoiced at this discovery! I absolutely knew that Jesus was preparing a place for me and that He would carry me there following my perseverance in this world. What an amazingly lovely experience this was to know that you will be with the Lord one day!

             There were probably other things I experienced worth writing about, but I can't think of any more right now. The last thing I experienced was a very strong desire for others to experience God like this and not for me to merely enjoy it by myself. I wanted everyone who I could think of to experience and know God like this, and this desire led me to come and write these things down for others to read. I pray that you will be blessed through the things I have written about, and I exhort you to seek God with all of your heart that you may know this infinitely beautiful and glorious joy!