An Undeserved Encounter With Glory

April 2, 2011 – 12:45 pm

             Lord, you have brought me into your presence. You allowed me to see your glory. I don't understand why you let me see your glory. I am not worthy to see such things. You've revealed my sin to me, Father. There are so many flaws and imperfections. I cannot survive without you, Lord. I would die a miserable death and perish without you. Subtle sin is always crouching at my door. I do things not knowing if they are done completely by faith. You show me ways to improve in holiness or things that would be good to do, and I don't have the strength or motivation to take them seriously. I try for a while, but I lose my strength and get distracted. You show me examples of godly fathers, and I see how far away I am from being like them.

             But Lord, your grace and your holiness fix everything. They expose my sin, but they also give me great desire for You. When I am in your presence, I really want to be holy. I want you to wash me in pure water and cleanse me from all my iniquities. I want to swim in your holy river where all sin and imperfections are washed away. Lord, your holiness is a pure, blazing fire that will melt away all of our sins. Your Holy Spirit is dwelling within us, constantly working and perfecting your saints. You have chosen us by your grace to be conformed to your image, from one degree of glory to another.

             Lord, how is it that you will show me your glory when I have not been seeking you very strongly? Why do you have such mercy on me? I know how badly I need to see you! Maybe it's on account of the prayers of others on my behalf. Maybe it's on account of prayers I have prayed for myself in the past. But ultimately it must be on account of your Son's perfect blood and righteousness that purchased these amazing graces for me! It is not wrong for you to shower me with such undeserved graces when your holy Son agreed to have his blood spilled for me. Who can tell you that you are wrong to do such a thing? If you want to die for sinners and rebels, who can say to God, "What are you doing?" Lord, you can do whatever you want with your "money" and with your creation, and we have nothing to say to you on the contrary. You are perfect in all of your ways, the perfect embodiment of all righteousness. If you want to show me much mercy, that is your prerogative. And Father, I thank you and praise you because I need it so much! How can I lead this family you have given me and this small group without constantly experiencing your grace and your presence? I need so much of you to do anything good in this sinful world, so for the sake of your Name, you have blessed me. For the sake of your holy Name, you bless and take care of your people. You will not let us go astray for long, you will preserve us and work in us to overcome the world. How could you let your children wander off and not bring them back? Men could call you a derelict father, and far be it from you to ever do such a thing! We would all wander about like fools without your Holy Spirit and your Word leading us. We need You, Lord, to rule over us and be our Eternal King. We need you to conquer us and subdue our sinful flesh. We need you to be our Master and our God!

             Lord, there are so many uncertainties about the future. Things change so often. I don't know what I will be doing even 3 months from now. But your word says, "Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow has enough trouble of its own." It says, "Do not say I will go to this city and buy and sell and do this or that .... All such boasting comes not from God but from the evil one." I must place my life solely in your hands, O God. You are all-powerful and fully capable of directing my paths. You will not let me fall short of fulfilling my destiny. All my works have been pre-ordained for me to walk in and bring you glory. Why am I ever concerned about the future? It's worldliness. There is no reason for me to have doubts. Have I not seen your mighty works and acts of deliverance in times past? Have you not perfectly woven together a master plan for my life? Father, all I can say is that I commit my spirit into your holy hands, and I place my trust in You for what happens with my life. You will fulfill your perfect and glorious plan!